2+ Weekly Attendance Spreadsheet Templates

To check which of the workers were actually present at the workplace on a specific day via Weekly Attendance Spreadsheet Templates to improve their weekly target achieving ratio.

The performance of the specific employee can only be analyzed if actual details are available for him and how much time is actually utilized on the work.

Furthermore, the costs of absenteeism suffered by companies are often not limited to production areas; in fact, it can affect the entire company premises as well.

This excel attendance spreadsheet is prepared so that you are able to control the unexcused absents and therefore improving productivity. Most of the manual systems are being replaced by software and electronic spreadsheets as you are not limited to physical presence when determining any details.

This sheet is also utilized by professionals in the institution for the purpose of better tracking student absents.

Characteristic of Weekly Attendance Spreadsheet Templates

Now recording attendance is easier through using this free template and here are some features of the template:

No need to create attendance registers each time, as this template can be used each time.

  • Using paper registers? You may suffer time problems each time when preparing a new register for the class by adding some details and then preparing the entire format for the attendance.
  • Once downloaded this template can be used for each class and each time and you may need to make little changes, but no need to prepare the entire format of the register, as this is ready to use.
  • If your class is divided up into different sections or various departments at the workplace, a separate or the same template with multiple spreadsheets can be used for all.

Track weekly attendance for the workers or the students through Spreadsheet Templates.

  • Depending on the reason behind checking, you may need to access the weekly attendance record, which may not be available individually, however, this template ensures the availability of this data.
  • Record the 4-week data and you will get the monthly attendance records for your students or the workers as required.
  • A single document can be used for all the departments.

Attendance dashboard with all the significant data

  • Well, all the details of the specific class can now get through by making a quick look at the attendance dashboard.
  • This is prepared automatically and you are just required to select the specific class or department.
  • This can be used in the meeting or conference as well.

Meeting attendance spreadsheet Template

If you are organizing safety meetings for the purpose of making aware your employees regarding the hazards at your workplace and how they can improve their safety at the workplace, you may need to ensure all the participants are there at the right time which is possible through having this template.

Monthly attendance spreadsheet template download

Time-sheets are often used to check the availability of any selected employee or students at a particular time in the class or at the workplace, however, this can now be used to view the monthly details through downloading this premium style excel template.

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