Terrible shocks can be unbearable for the health of the project and for the company in the long run. Get free Activity Attributes Template now! Know precisely what you’re getting into before you get into it and the other way of carrying out the same activity or to get the same outcome. Make sure to shield your task and projects from failure through advance planning possible with this smart tool.

When making up the activity list for the template, develop every action by utilizing this Attributes Template. To tell the truth you are able to monitor the relationship between tasks using this excel spreadsheet, get help with guidelines for each portion by looking over every header for more data or you are able to customize any section of the sheet as well.

Design of Activity Attributes Template

With this ready to go template, it will enable you to coordinate movement traits straightforwardly into the framework. Let’s have a look at its design:

Header section

This template is available in Word and PDF form.

Before going over to the body part, start by filling up the header section, consisting of a project name, project number and project manager, date, document, number, and the client name!

Fill up all the cells with the required data.

Row 1

This is the body part of the template. Row 1 consists of activity number, activity name, detailed activity description, assigned to, and resource requirements.

Row 2

Start filling here, WBS NO, activity predecessors, notes on scheduling predecessors, and informed date!

Row 3

These parts of the template require you to enter the location of performance, activity successors, dependencies on successor activities, and activity constraints.

Row 4

Row 4 for the Activity Attributes Template consists of activity type, activity details, activity assumptions, and any other notes!

Now there is no chance that you are missing anything critical about your projects with the help of this amazing word template.

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