Bank Reconciliation Spreadsheet Example in Excel

Check out bank statement in different language also in French, Italy, Japanese, Spanish, and other formal languages. Click here for maintaining your company updated records by downloading bank reconciliation worksheets. Profit and loss sheets for the companies and hotels are also added here. Check financial position and bank balance of the company through maintaining records. Easy steps of creating these sheets are added here to help you.

It is important to credit balance and the credit limit is observed by companies, therefore sheets are required which show the difference in entries in the company accounts as well as bank balance amount of the company. Effective cash flow in the company is maintained through creating journals and trial balance sheets timely.

Check out how to prepare bank reconciliation Template in excel 2010 format with added formulas and other terms and condition against the difference of banking system.

Bank Reconciliation Worksheet Format (Excel Spreadsheet)

This checklist must be entitled to these items mention below, do not forget to enter this detail in designing customize form. For both DOC and Excel format of bank reconciliation viewing here.

  1.     Name of your organization
  2.     Bank balance per statement
  3.     Difference
  4.     Bank balance per account
  5.     Reconciling item
  6.     Unexplained difference
  7.     Date
  8.     Deposit
  9.     Reference amount
  10.     Reconciling item observation

Reasons for Difference

The difference among the company sheets and the actual balance in the company account occurs due to receipts in the account, not on the bank statement.

The printable form of reconciliation statement been used directly for customer and bank employees also for checking error in the daily base transaction through cheque and another direct mode of cash.

You are required to instantly record the information when you receive interests amount and payment vouchers from your clients. These differences can, later on, affect the credibility of the company.

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