Do you know how much of the money has just been spent on project phase A in expenses?

The Schedule Performance Index and Cost Performance Index can join to gauge an upper bound to the EAC. At the point when joined with the CPI-based lower bound, a scope of EACs is resolve. At the point when the undertaking’s EAC is outside this range, there might be an issue with the temporary worker’s estimation framework.

To tell the truth, week after week or month to month CPIs are helpful for fetched execution patterns at the point by point levels of the WBS(work breakdown Structure) and prescribed for compelling control. This means project managers are able to keep a perfect record of the costs spent and leftover budget with them!

The Cost Performance Index CPI Formula

The To-finish Performance Index (TCPI) is helpful for assessing the EAC or other monetary objectives. Now understand its layout with us:


Of course, work breakdown makes the project working simple. The CPI is the work staying isolated by the assets remaining and demonstrates the level of execution that must be accomplished to achieve the monetary objectives.

With this part of the sheet, check out the schedule/ budgeted to do $10000 work over 5 tasks in a month window.

Check out the total.


This plan is for the month.

Schedule slippage permits only 3 tasks/ $6000 work to be performed. Schedule variance can check as well.


Check out the actual cost of work performed and actual cost variance.

These execution measurements do not just give a decent sign of the present status of a task, they likewise help to conjecture future cost or timetable invades at the beginning times. Examine the pattern of your projects and work them move in the right direction by utilizing Cost Performance Index Formula in the CPI template.

Aware of the control costs: tools and techniques?

Schedule variance: calculate the schedule variance for your project management using the cost performance index template.

Here the formula inserted is, SV=EV-PV

Cost Variance in Cost Performance Index Formula

Check out the planned project cost and the actual cost utilized using the cost variance factor of the template.

The formula here inserted is, CV= AV-AC

Schedule Performance Index Formula

Since there are changes in the project plan and in the work schedule, you can measure it with the cost performance index template.

The formula inserted here Is, SPI= EV/ PC

Cost performance index

To check the performance of the project and if it is according to the planned use this column of the template.

The formula here inserted is, CPI= EV/ AC

The measure of the cost performance is required to meet a specified management goal. The level of project performance is displayed with the graph and it is prepared based on the data In the cost performance template.

Based on the TCPI= (BAC-EV/ BAC- AC)

Based on the EAC



This graph represents the amount of work being completed on the project while the remaining amount of work and if it is possible to complete it in the due time or not! Furthermore, you are able to control the basic and fix costs for the project with help of the Cost Performance Index Formula.

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