Get Office Attendance Spreadsheet Template in Excel

In charge of number of employees at the workplace or if you are a team leader, now you can organize attendance records of the employees working under you through downloading office attendance spreadsheet template. Manual attendance system is already replaced in many workplace due to the efforts and time consuming on it, however replacing it with excel spreadsheet is cost effective and highly recommended choice for both smaller and bigger companies.

Office Attendance Spreadsheet Template in Excel Features

Check out the employees who actually showed up in the work place through using this template for the purpose.

Record attendance data for as many workers

  • This template is made up so that you are able to record the attendance of all the workers at single place.
  • The current limit is set, however you can increase it if required.
  • Equally beneficial for the smaller and bigger companies.

You are required to enter some of the details and rest is done automatically.

  • You are required to fill some of the cells which are marked with *.
  • Some of the cells are optional while others are filled in automatically.
  • Amazing excel spreadsheet for saving your time.

Meeting attendance sheet free

Get free meeting attendance sheet by clicking here. It is designed for the purpose of, organizing and managing your meetings efficiently. Key components of this template are participant name, designation, department, meeting date, meeting venue, meeting agenda, status attended or not, reason of not attending and task handled by person name.

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