Pedigree Chart Spreadsheet Template

Pedigree Chart Spreadsheet Template in excel format is a popular project management tool that is using in large organizations; there is a constant need for deploying such smart techniques and taking out more productive; a specialized form of result that helps in precise and much effective results.

This is the beauty of such systematic approaches like Pedigree Chart Spreadsheet that you can see all scatter databases piled up into simpler and confine forms. This chart makes it easier to analyze and assess the total count of a due portion of a certain variable.

Format of Pedigree Chart Template in Excel Format

As we have already discussed that the total triangular Pedigree is divided into different sections, each integral segment of the Pedigree chart represents an individual proportion or percentage of the particular variable base on its total area.

Each section has a different area from the other. All other parameters of width and range also vary in it. According to formatting principles; you can separate all variables into their due percentages place them in a hierarchy according to their percentages.

The first step is to gather data, process it, find out conclusions, and then create the Pedigree. Create individual sections and label them for identity. You can also list down all symbolic associations on a separate end. Once you have formed this diagram; you can color its sections to distinguish them for quick understanding. Here are a few easy steps to know the common format of this chart;

  • Draw a triangular facing Pedigree with a 3D or 2D interface
  • Out of the total area, take our individual percentages and allot space in it
  • Either color or mark each segment or you may label them for recognition
  • List all the variables on the side of the chart
  • Either represent by only label or description about the chart review
  • Take into account these points and enhance the presentation of visual content for a better and quick pick up.

Excel Pedigree Chart Spreadsheet Template

These charts are specially designed for excel format you can easily use them in MS Excel Spreadsheet. This format also provides you powerful user end control that assists you to make your project plan more efficient and effective.

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