PERT Chart Template Excel is a project management tool that is employing in different kinds of projects. It is also used as a software toolkit in project management software. It can produce answers to many questions that a project manager finds difficult to answer.

About PERT Chart

The word ‘PERT’ is actually an abbreviation of the Project Evaluation and Review Technique. This chart is used for displaying the project schedule. If you have no idea about PERT Charts and have never seen it, you can search them on the internet and can view sample templates of PERT Charts. You can also download it from multiple websites on the internet.

PERT Chart Template Excel

The details of each task of the project are mention and the analysis is conducted after the chart is complete. The PERT chart template is being regularly used in project management and has essential importance in this regard. It is mostly used for complex and larger projects that carry many a task with them.

It manages the stages of such complex projects by helping the project managers to keep track of their project tasks. Its essential use is in planning about the project and about all the sub-tasks of a project.

You understood it right! PERT Chart is a task scheduling tool for project managers. It covers a broad range of project activities and makes accurate planning for the successful completion of each activity.

Also takes into account the optimum success of a task by considering the costs require through the task for completion and the underlying benefits which it can provide for the project execution. It also considers the deadline for each task to be completed on time and assigns it prime importance.

Hence, the PERT Chart excel is an essential project management tool that the project managers are regularly using in defining activities of their project and in scheduling them effectively. Get More Spreadsheet Templates.

Creating PERT Chart Template Excel

You can create a PERT Chart in MS Excel by following simple steps. Just Go to the Insert menu option in the Excel bar and find the option of flow charts. Insert one flow chart in your Excel spreadsheet and connect this chart with your PERT Chart Xls which you will get with the project management toolkit.

In this regard, you should insert all the data in the chart by simply right-clicking on it. You can also insert shapes in it. Insert the text box from the Insert Menu and can add text to it.

You can also select the type of connector arrows that are available in the Insert menu options. In this regard, you can select the anchor shape and can drag the connector arrow.

Download PERT Chart Template Excel

You can add more arrows in the chart too and can also add as many text boxes in the chart as the data of the chart demands. After you have completed the chart, you have to save it through the option of ‘Save As’ in the Excel ribbon menu and you should save it as an Xls workbook file.

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